$351536 5 Bedroom Home In Morne Daniel For Sale (Morne Daniel, Dominica)



Millenia Realty presents this understated yet elegant home in Morne Daniel, Dominica. This 5 bedroom home in Morne Daniel for sale is ideal for the buyer who wants a low maintenance home in a million dollar neighborhood.

This beautiful 5 bedroom home in Morne Daniel for sale offers desirable features: split level floors, massive entertaining space both indoors and outdoors, 2 master bedrooms, a spacious bedroom and shared bath, a practical kitchen, huge dining room, voluminous family room, cozy living room, study/office area, detached utility room, 2 single bedroom apartments and large lawn/yard space.

The frequent host will be pleased with the tone of comfortable elegance in this pretty home and the abundance of space which totals 3,910 square feet and sits on 11,153 square feet of completely fenced land.

This elegant 5 bedroom home in Morne Daniel for sale is in a convenient location in Morne Daniel with surfaced road, paved driveway and ample yard parking. The Morne Daniel development, just 3 miles from the capital City, Roseau, is peaceful, safe and well developed. It is a middle to high income development with many sprawling structures. The land is within close proximity to supermarkets, restaurants, playgrounds, schools, churches, beaches, a river, Canefield airport etc., as well as the amenities in the City – hospital, fire and ambulance service etc. All essential services namely water, telephone, electricity, internet and cable television are readily available on site.
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